Michal Škapa / Tron (1978) is one of the most significant authors associated with the Czech graffiti scene. He belongs to the strong generation of writers of the 1990s and has been one of its leaders for a long time. Škapa’s qualities have been proved by the fact that he has succeeded to win through also in galleries. He was one of the authors associated with the legendary Trafo Gallery in Prague, and he cooperates with Meet Factory where he has had his own studio for eleven years. As an artist, he works with various media and formats, from murals, acrylic manuscript abstraction and airbrush figurative compositions to site-specific installations and spatial objects. He also works as a graphic designer. Škapa has founded the Analog! Bros serigraphic workshop and he closely cooperates with the BiggBoss label. He has participated in several major presentations, whether it was the unsurpassed international graffiti and street art show Names (2008), or the exhibition Městem posedlí (Obssessed with the City, 2012) in the Prague City Gallery. He also represented the Czech Republic at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. His major exhibitions include 00 NIC (00 NOTHING) in the Trafo Gallery (2011), Ode zdi ke zdi (From One Wall to Another) in the Gallery of Fine Art (GAVU) in Cheb (2012), and the crucial project titled Graffoman in the Chemistry Gallery in Prague (2014). Graffoman was followed by the successful exhibition Analfabet (Illiterate) in the Trafo Gallery (2017), which was accompanied by Škapa’s first major catalogue. In 2018, Škapa participated in the Signal festival with his exterior neon object Zjevení (Apparition) and prepared his largest exhibition Babylon in Villa Pellé.
Selected exhibitions
2021 – T2B, Praha, Galerie Václava Špály
2021 – Lost In Translation, České Budějovice, R2020
2021 – Periferie, Broumov, Dětská galerie Lapidárium
2020 – Duo Neone, Praha, Trafo gallery
2020 – Struktury, Ostrava, Magna
2020 – Polis, Praha, Galerie U Betlémské kaple
2020 – Kódy, Poděbrady, G18
2019 – Neviditelná města, Praha, Acimboldo
2019 – Just Kids, Praha, The Chemistry gallery
2019 – Barter, Berlin, Urban Spree
2019 – Klikyháky, Plzeň, Depo 2015
2018 – Babylon, Praha, Villa Pellé gallery
2017 – Concrete Jungle, Praha, Pecka gallery
2017 – Crewní obraz, Jihlava, OGV
2017 – No More Crew, Berlin, Urban Spree
2017 – Analfabet, Prague, Trafo gallery
2016 – Approximator, Prague, DEPO gallery
2016 – Reverse, Prague, DSC gallery
2016 – Otisk hudby, Opava, Galerie Obecního domu
2016 – ArtSafari 31, Prague, Bubec studio
2016 – Vrakáč, Prague, Bubec studio
2016 – Otisk hudby, Prague, The Chemistry gallery
2015 – Trafology, Prague, Trafo gallery
2015 – Post-Apo, Prague, PopUp Studio
2014 – Graffoman, Prague, The Chemistry gallery
2014 – Art Safari, Prague, Atelier Bubec
2013 – TPCArt, Kutná Hora, GASK!
2013 – Pixa, Kutná Hora, GASK!
2013 – The Bus Can Swim, Praha, A.M. 180
2012 – Ruka ruku myje, Brno, Galerie Aula - FaVU
2012 – Stuck on the City, Prague, City Gallery Prague – Municipal Library
2012 – Wall to Wall, Cheb, GAVU
2012 – Art Prague, Prague, Manes
2011 – Paty pres devaty, Prague, Trafo Gallery
2011 – SLASH / An International Survey of Contemporary Collage, Laguna Beach/CA, CES/FA
2011 – Michal Škapa - The Great Adventures Of Mr. Spray, Warsaw/Poland, V9 Gallery
2011 – Michal Škapa - 00 NOTHING, Prague, Trafo Gallery
2011 – Can You Dig It?, Brussels/Belgium, Prague house
2011 – Boutique, Prague, The Chemistry Gallery
2010 - Metropolis, Prague, DOX
2010 - Berlin Meeting, Berlin/Germany, Czech Embassy
2010 - 24th International Biennale of Graphic Design, Brno 2010, Brno, Moravian Gallery
2010 - Corners, Shanghai, Peking/China, Source
2010 - Metropolis, Shanghai/China, EXPO 2010, Czech Pavilion
2009 - Les Praguois: Prague - Paris Streetart Workshop, Paris/France, Czech Center, Paris
2009 - Write the Wall, Berlin/Germany, Standort Heidestrasse
2008 - Names Festival, Prague, MeetFactory
2008 - City Celebrities, Brno, Moravian Gallery, Brno
2007 - Street Art Prague, Prague, Galerie Školská 28
2005 - The European Street, Brussels/Belgium, La galerie du moment
2004 - Infiltrace04, Liberec, Regional Gallery
2003 – Violated Subconscious, Prague, subway vestibule at Dejvická station